About Us

Our goal at Artisan Hearing Technologies is to make our patients’ lives more enjoyable through improved hearing. We believe that by using our knowledge and experience to help our patients achieve their full hearing capabilities, we also enable them to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Artisan Hearing Technologies provides an array of services related to evaluation, treatment, and prevention of hearing loss as well as specialized diagnostic testing related to hearing disorders. Our staff is dedicated to providing expert services in a sincere, personalized and caring manner.


Jennifer Burget has worked in the field of Audiology since the year 2004. She worked as an Audiology technician for a well known hospital for 8 years. Jennifer earned her fitters licensed in the year 2008. Prior to her role as owner and the primary hearing care professional at Artisan Hearing Technologies, Jennifer worked in private practice in the Williamsport area as well as working for one of the leading Audiology departments at a hospital located in Wayne county Pennsylvania. Jennifer was involved in research and development to come up with different fitting protocols to better fit the hearing devices to her patient needs. She was also involved in a few focus groups to continue to improve the hearing devices she is fitting every day.

Jennifer began her journey to become a hearing instrument specialist when she became intrigued with the hearing system, how it works and the research involved in improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss. As she continued her journey, she was blessed with being able to see how that research is implemented every day in the lives of her patients. Helping them create a real life solution to their hearing needs is what inspires her every day.