I play in a band. With my old hearing aids my guitar never sounded good. With my new hearing aids, the music sounds normal again.



I went to Artisan hearing for a second opinion because it was recommended I purchase hearing aids. It turns out after Jennifer evaluated my hearing she found a problem and referred me to a specialist. I had a tumor. Jennifer is all about the patient and not all about making money. Thank you, from a very happy patient.

-Shirley Kinley



I have very bad hearing loss. This is the first time I have heard birds in 15 years! I love these hearing aids. With my new hearing aids, I don’t even adjust them when I’m in background noise. These hearing aids are fantastic.

-Howard Egli


Thanks to my new hearing aids I got from Jennifer, problems of whistling in my ears and feeling like I am in a tunnel are behind me now



I have tried many different hearing aids. My wife thought I just didn’t want to listen to her. I came to Jennifer at Artisan Hearing Technologies to get fixed up, and my wife says I don’t talk so loud anymore. So we are both very happy.

My old hearing aids broke down all the time. They required a
lot of maintenance. The new ones are terrific. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.


jim bowers crop1

I could not have made a better choice in coming to Artisan for my hearing needs. Not only do they have the finest hearing instruments available, but they also have the best technical service as well.

-Jim Bowers

Jennifer with Artisan Hearing Technologies gave me a terrific test and put me with a new type of hearing aids which are outstanding and have increased my hearing. I have to turn down the TV because I hear everything so tremendously.