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Hearing aids:


Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes. Hearing aids are made by many different manufacturers Some of the manufacturers we work with include:











Total Hearing Care Platinum Program:

This program will be included with your purchase of a hearing aid:

  • Batteries for 5 years (Value $250/$400)
  • Thin tubing and ear tips (Value $10 per year for tube and ear tip)
  • 5 packs of filters per year (Value $50)
  • Quarterly in office clean and check (Value $100- that’s at $25 per office visit)
  • Annual Hearing evaluation and hearing aid refitting (Value $125.00)
  • Out of warranty repair discount. (Value $50 at a discount charge of $250 non discount price $300)
  • No charge in office repairs (Value $35)
  • No charge Tubing changes (Value $35)

Hearing aid warranties:

Every hearing aids sold will come with a repair warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty will depend on the quality of the hearing aids purchased. Most manufacturers will offer more coverage if there is a concern for an individual need. Manufacturer warranties can be anywhere from one year to 3 years

Custom fitted ear plugs: (swim plugs, musicians plugs and shooters plugs)

An impression is taken with a silicone material molded to your ear, and then the plug is made for it’s specific need. Remember –  Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is Completely Preventable!