Hearing Services


Artisan Hearing Technologies, LLC is a hearing healthcare office that provides comprehensive diagnostic hearing tests to the Lycoming County area. They will evaluate your hearing and help you make the best decision for your hearing healthcare needs. They also offer 2 week free trials on the recommended hearing device. Artisan Hearing Technologies has one satellite office in Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania. Now we are able to serve Snyder, Dolphin, Perry, Juniata and Mifflin Counties. Artisan Hearing Technologies provides home health care for the hearing-impaired by appointment only within 25 miles of our main office. 

The Artisan Hearing Technologies hearing healthcare program is able to deliver a new level of  exceptional care for patients of all ages who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus. See below for all of the services we provide.

Hearing evaluation/audiological testing

This is an assessment of your hearing in a sound proof booth. While using insert earphones, or headphones you will listen for the tones at a variety of different pitches. The test results will be presented on an audiogram showing the specific pitches and loudness levels that an individual can hear from each ear. Speech discrimination is a test where you will repeat familiar two syllable words presented at your most comfortable listening level in each ear. Also a bone conduction test will be done. This test is done to rule out any conductive component to your hearing loss.

Tinnitus is evaluation in treatments

Tinnitus refers to ringing in the ears. This is when no other sound is present and it can sound like a hissing, raining, howling, chirping, whistling or clicking. These sounds can occur in one ear or in both ears. If you’re having trouble with tinnitus there are many options we can try to help relieve you of this problem.

If you have tinnitus and you do not feel you have a hearing loss, it is still very important to have a full diagnostic hearing evaluation to rule out any medically treatable problems linking to tinnitus.

Annual hearing tests

It is recommended to have your hearing evaluated at least once every year to keep up with the change in your hearing. At that time we will have a full hearing evaluation done and your current hearing aids will be fitted to your current hearing loss. 

Hearing aid evaluations

The hearing aid evaluation is when we program your hearing aid to your hearing loss. We use a verifit machine that will measure the sound going into your ear and make sure your hearing aids are working to maximum benefit to fit your hearing loss. You will be asked questions about your communication lifestyle, you’re listening needs and your hearing concerns. The questions and your answers will help make a decision about the quality of hearing aids that will best suit you and your hearing loss. There are many different styles of hearing aids that will also be reviewed. If you choose, the one selected can be taken out on a two week free trial. Technology has really advanced rapidly in the area of hearing aids. There are many different types of systems available: digital, wireless, processing, directional microphones, noise controls, multiple memory devices and ones with fantastic feedback reduction. And the list goes on. These will all be explained during your hearing aid evaluation.

Hearing aid fittings

During this time Artisan Hearing Technologies will use Real Ear Verification Measurements and Live Speech in Noise testing to ensure that your hearing aids are providing you with the best possible value in meeting your lifestyle needs. We will make any necessary modifications or fine tuning changes in order to optimize your current hearing aid settings.

Hearing aid care and services

Your aids need periodic cleanings and checks. Hearing aid checks vary from individual to individual but it should always be checked annually at the minimum. Some will be checked at a three month intervals and others may need checks twice a year. Earwax and moisture can normally be the reason for these checkups. Occasionally your hearing aid may need to be checked if you’re noticing a decrease or change in your hearing.